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Cupping Therapy

Rules + Criteria

Participants Rules

Each Massage Therapist can participate in 1 or 2 categories.

Once registered you may

not change categories.

Participants understand they may be photographed/video'd during Championship and agree to have this media used for future marketing purposes.

Non-english speaking participants may bring their own translator for general communication.

Participants are to bring their own supplies. This includes but not limited to: table, linens, lotion, tools, etc. If emergency occurs and supplies are needed, you must reach out to the directors immediately for resolution.

SCMC will decide what music is to be played during the Championship.

There are no shower facilities provided.

Licensed Massage Therapists must provide:

  • valid massage license

  • proof of insurance

  • valid government ID

Students must provide:

  • Student ID

  • proof of insurance

  • valid government ID

Participants may wear sports shoes, pants, yoga pants, and branded t-shirts. Shoes are not allowed in Thai Massage. 

Height of tables is determined by participant.

You will have a total of 30 minutes set up time before Championship clock begins.

No Chiropractic or Osteopathic

 manipulations are allowed.

Recipient must wear underwear- thongs ARE allowed.

All proper draping is required. This includes chest on male and female receivers.

(65 minutes)

  • Open Category: You must declare which one of the IMA approved Categories.

    • Swedish- show all 5 basic strokes in a fluid movement​

    • Sports- Deep Tissue massage, Neuromuscular techniques, stretching, MET, MFR, etc...

    • Wellness- Includes but not limited to; hot stones, bamboo, cupping, aromatherapy, modalities with the use of tools, spa like modalities

    • Thai- Traditional Thai, Warrior, Royal, Thai yoga ect...

    • Western Freestyle- Combination of different types of western massage methods, mobilization, cupping, massage with tools, bodywork

    • Eastern Freestyle- Combination of different types of Asian massage methods, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Thai massage, cupping, Tui Na, Ayurveda, Reflexology massage with tools

    • Facial Massage- (Japanese facelifting, gua sha, classical facial spa treatment)

  • Student: must be currently enrolled in an accredited massage therapy program. Students may only compete in the Student Category.

  • Clinical Massage: Demonstrate ability to Assess, Execute, and Reassess receivers needs

  • Ashiatsu: Any Barefoot Techniques (Non traditional Thai)

How you will be evaluated

  • Technique: Participants ability to perform effleurage, petrissage, friction, compression, vibration, and percussion. You will be judged on your proper use of tools.

  • Ergonomics: Participants ability to perform with proper body mechanics including but not limited to: not staring down at your work, use of leg movement, no hunchback or slouching in movements, not muscling strokes.

  • Flow: Participants ability to perform swift and smooth transitions. Ability to demonstrate "the dance" of connecting movements of different techniques. 

  • Innovation: The ability to demonstrate the use of creativity and not being robotic in technique.

  • Draping: The participants ability to properly drape their recipient without any exposure or fiddling around with the sheets. 

    • "Exposure" meaning: showing the clients intergluteal cleft, the female chest, as well as the male nipple-areola-complex. 


  • Overall Winner: South Carolina Licensed Massage Therapist with the highest score

    • Prize: Free entry into the AMC​ ($250 value)

      • Free registration into the World Massage Festival​ ($500 value)

      • Free entry into the next years SCMC ($275 value)

  • First Place for each Category

    • Prize: Each will receive their own Medal + Certificate

  • Second Place for each Category

    • Prize: Each will receive their own Medal + Certificate

  • Third Place for each Category

    • Prize: Each will receive their own Medal + Certificate

Disqualification Rules

  • Dress code failure​

  • Unauthorized use of photo/video

  • Inappropriate or sensual/sexual behavior

  • Late to or miss start time

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